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  • Quick and easy set up
  • Technical and operational support
  • Makes rewarding and gifting seamless
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Xoxoday goes the extra mile to make sure that the redemption process is seamless and non-intrusive. Still, in case of any queries, you can count on us

Dedicated Support

Xoxoday supports redemption in more than 60 countries which makes for a unified experience for your employees across locations
Global catalog to choose from

Employee are happier when they get to save on their monthly expenses by redeeming perks that are helpful to them
Help employees save money

Xoxoday takes care of the redemption process and delivery while helping you save on your precious time
Employee rewarding made easy

Finding the right experience or brand voucher is just a search away supported by a simple checkout experience that supports SSO and guest checkout
Simple checkout

Understand the effectiveness of the program with in-depth insights on redemption patterns and feedback of employees

In-depth analytics

Instant delivery of vouchers/experiences via email and SMS for instant gratification. Xoxoday eases the process right from curation to delivery
Instant Delivery

Navigate and redeem points that are localised to the city making the administration of having a common and similar employee experience across locations
Location-specific stores

Experiences that appeal to the users across demographics. Themes like ‘Family Time’ and ‘Solo Travellers’ contain specially curated experiences personalised to delight all employees
Thematic experiences

that trust us
Enhance your employee engagement with 
Xoxoday for rewards
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